iTrans NYC Subway App Reviews

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So useful

Even if you really know your subway as I do, it is so useful, easy to use and effective, its a must buy. And to have the schedules will keep you from getting warm-sick in the summer waiting for your train..Also terrific to have the real time information with the trans website.. Good job.

Simply the best

Really great app ! La meilleure application pour le métro de NYC !

Number one

The best app you can have if you ride the NYC subway.

Very good

Very good. It traces routes OFFLINE! Amazing!

Need to a Manual to use this.

Dont work as i expected. The interface is very confused. You need a UX professional man.

I love this app!

I live in NYC and can fully recommend this app to anyone whos about to go there! Clearly 5 stars - very well done. Ive been using it for half a year now and it always kept me posted on service alarms and what not.


Very good and easy to use! Helped a lot to get around in NYC!

Good for offline

Easy to find offline connections between stations (bus is not included). The current postion or adress work only omline. Streetmaps are not included. If you can work online, google map is better.


I just moved to NYC a couple of weeks ago... Without that tool I would have been lost a dozen times up to know!!! Incredibly usefull is especially the often mentioned fact that it also works offline... Great if you dont have a data plan!!! -> Perfect for locals & tourists... Get it!!!

Just the best.

I am traveling a few times per year to Manhattan. This my favorite app at all times. I wish we would have such perfect one in Hamburg, Germany.

very useful

A great way to get around, especially when roaming charges make an online connection prohibitively expensive.

Very Good

Very usefull!!

Overall great app!

Great app that helped me a great deal when I was in NYC. It’s stable, well designed, has an offline mode where you can preload the maps etc. For me it always produced the fastest route, wherever I was going. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


I cant imagine what it would have been like to arrive in NYC without this. I used it last week and it made life (in such a busy and crazy city) very, very easy. Instead of standing, staring at maps on the wall trying to figure out where I was going, I just typed in where I was and where I was going and it gave me simple, precise instructions everytime. THANKS!!!

Must Have

I just spent a week in NYC, and this app was *essential*. So easy to use. It made it so easy to get around. Even if you live in NYC, the up to date transit alerts will be useful.

Excellent app

This is easily the best of the NYC subway map programs. Interface is almost identical to the stock Maps program, making it very easy to use, and routing/directions finding is superb. Only suggestion is that there be a search for popular attractions in addition to the subway station search, would make this absolutely perfect!

The best

This app is not only a digital version of a paper map like many others. Very useful for my last trip to NYC. Like the advisories, calculation of going from point A to B, very similar in look and feel to Google Maps.


I loved this app. I tried several other similar apps, and this one wins hands down. Easy, detailed, and it works without a wi-fi connection. Invaluable. Get it.

Best subway app for sure

This app made my first trip to NYC a breeze. Never had to look at a subway map or ask for help. Easy to use and very accurate! Five star app!

Terrific app, very accurate, very easy to use

Was in NYC recently and travelled everywhere by subway. Tell the app where youre going, it uses your current location and then breaks down the trip into steps. Gives you departure times, trip duration. Terrific!! Highly recommended.

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