iTrans NYC Subway App Reviews

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This is the one.

Awesome app!

This was very helpful. Even if you dont have wifi or 3G access you can put in the stops into the search engine and it gives you directions.


I used this for several days in NYC and it was a great resource. It knew when certain lines were not in service which helped me avoid problems. It worked great offline. You can bookmark directions but you cant name them yourself and the way to bookmark them is a little hard to find. There is a great "show neighborhood" feature that shows more detailed maps of the subway stations and streets. These detailed maps can be downloaded in advance and then used offline as well.

Amazing app!

As a Canadian iPhone owner with no data plan in the US (nor the interest to spend 30$ on a terrible roaming one from my provider), the simplicity of use and high detail available in the downloadable maps make it a VERY affordable resource to have on me i order to make my way through a city whose transit system Im not familiar with. Extremely impressed.

Great app

Used this to get around NYC and it was great! Worked offline and very helpful. The service advisories were also accurate and helpful. The only thing I would change or update is to be able to rename the "saved places" or "favorites" to make it easier to find on the map.

Best $4 I spent on my NYC trip

Debated between this app and a free transit app and chose this one because of the reviews. Let me tell you, they do NOT disappoint. Every time I went on the subway, I pulled this app out. And the offline feature is fantastic. If you are thinking, "do I really need this transit app while on vacation", the answer is YES!

Fantastic and up to date

First time newyork trip and it is fantastic for seeing schedules and everything offline. Google maps is great if you have USA data plan, but this will update on any wifi hotspots and give you any outages or troubles.

Extremely Usefull App

I use this app every time I go to NYC. It provides the best means to determine how to get to lace efficiently using the Subway. I would rev contend anyone using this app in a heartbeat.


Very useful for tourists that dont know how to move in NYC ;), also for the possibility of the offline use.

Good app

Very useful!

Must have in NYC

Only thing to fix, dont show the direction path, just tell you the name of the station.

The Best!

Very usefull! If you are in NYC you should definitely have it ;)


Usefull easy and always updated

Used to be good.

After contacting app support numerous times with little or no reply, and no problem resolution, I switched to Kickmap. I used to rely on iTrans for the push alerts, and suddenly after software updates, they would randomly stop working. After waiting a couple months with no resolution and a single message from support saying they were "aware of the problem," I found another app that has worked perfectly since day 1. Maybe its since been resolved, but I cant have that happening. The maps still work and trip planning works fine if thats all you need.

Best app for notifications and mapping

9/10 would use again

BEST NYC subway app

It tells you current delays, live time clock updates, scheduled times, and construction updates. It tells you everything you need!!!


1 star for the pretty map. 0 stars for reliability. Whats the point of having/ paying for an app that is worthless? It doesnt link in any way to real time clocks at the station and frequently I arrive at the station with delay signs on the clock and nothing running, but itrans has told me trains were coming in 2, 7, 11 mins and counting down as though trains were running. Its worthless. Save your money and get a free app. Oh, and the developer NEVER responds to emails or questions.

Does one thing and does it perfectly

I use this app all the time. Its just the latest version of the standard subway map, stored on your phone so it works underground. Its great!

Great App

This is not only a great app to get alerts from, but it also a full NYC subway map and you can get travel directions from it.

iPad optimization?

Too expensive for the app to not be optimized for iPad. Please consider enabling this feature.

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