iTrans NYC Subway App Reviews

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Service changes and live times dont work

Been using this app for years with little issue, however, there is something wrong on the server-side of the app. It can no longer display live train arrival times and new service changes. Very recent issue, too, but it cannot be fixed until the developer resolves the issue manually.

Not working yet again

The app is not working AGAIN. "Error loading live departures." This time for four days in a row. Is anyone working on this app anymore? This happens way too often. It goes down for days, then somehow it works again for awhile. Its borderline too undependable at this point. I will be looking for another app soon.

Used to love it

What is the deal? Advisories arent loading for a week! I usually love this app and swear by it but something with the server is messed up now. Update please!


Used to be good. Never gets updated. emails to support dont get answered. issues dont get fixed. Schedule changes are not reflected for months if at all. Seems a shame. Developer should sell the app to someone that is willing to at least maintain it.

Great app to have

This app has come a long way even with the ups and downs. On occasion service updates wont load. However, the app provide up to the minute status updates on the subway lines you configure. And, push notifications, its strongest feature, appear to be working very well these days. This feature and the street map feature with platform and exit visualization are the main reasons for buying this app in the first place. Thanks for delivering and listening. Always recommend this app to anyone who commutes to the city via subway.

Just a map - Lacks notifications

Notifications (iPhone 6/iOS 9.3.1) Push-alerts not working. Weekend service hit or miss. No customer service. At least the map is nice.

Great app!

Worth the few bucks. Just wish the push notifications worked a little better

Not worth it.

Save your money. No push alerts or responses to e mail inquiries.

Push Alerts Dont Work

I bought this app solely for he push alert functionality and it hasnt worked once. Emailed customer support weeks ago and havent received a response.

No push

No push alerts. It doesnt even ask to send notifications. Basically a fraud.

Great transit app

Worth every "F" train delay. Also very helpful for trip planning.

Disappointment in all I endeavor end

App not updated since Nov 8; MTA changed morning departures in A line this week - why isnt this app updated ?! Also frequency the service advisories state "23 seconds ago" and ten minutes later the same announcement will not update except for "15 seconds ago" - this is not useful information, its misleading and confusing !

love new updates

Have been using this app for years and always loved it. The latest update took a while, but it was free and now the app is looking great on iPhone 6 Plus. Alerts and live departures are working nicely. 5 stars! Also, this app always has up-to-date service changes information, whereas Apple Maps transit often does not show important service changes (for example, station closures due to repairs) at all.

Houston is there a problem?

I just had my friend buy this app. But I am not seeing the updates. Please advise.

Advisory updates not working

Is this app dead? I have not been able to get Advisory updates. The website is also unresponsive.

App is broken

After working almost flawlessly for 5 years, this app appears to no longer be of any use. Service advisories disappeared three days ago; no push notification. Developers: Hello? Anyone there?

Advisory Updates Dead

No advisory updates for three days now. App is now as useless as the MTA.

Notifications disappeared on iOS 9

I used to love this app – unquestionably some of the best $4.99 Id spent when when I first bought it – but now it seems increasingly neglected by its developers: its main usefulness is gone without the push notifications for iOS 9, and now that Google and Apple Maps (along with many others) offer exact departure times for individual stations, it almost makes the app gratuitous without those invaluable real-time service alerts – they were critical for me to avoid getting stuck with iOS 8 and earlier, all without me actually having to launch the app. Also, when I wrote the apps customer support citing my concern well over a month ago, I didnt even get the courtesy of a reply, if only to say "at this time we cant support notifications on iOS 9," for example. I really hope to see a turnaround from them soon.

Push Notifications do not work any more

The latest update killed the notifications. Either due to a software problem or they were taken out! The App is not useful any more. When mailing to customer support, I get error messages.

No updates!

I have had this app for years, and a few days ago it just stopped updating, which has rendered it useless. The push notifications have also not worked in months. This was a great app, but if this doesnt get fixed, I will not recommend it to others.

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